Living An Empowered Life


People with PWS are affected from birth throughout all stages of their life.  The challenges they face change throughout the different stages, however each stage consistently presents with real, significant and potentially life threatening issues.  The importance of multi-disciplinary, coordinated and proactive service providers and practitioners are essential across the lifespan to ensure quality of life can be achieved, despite these challenges.

Like all people, those with PWS are unique individuals who have particular hobbies, personalities, strengths and interests.  The distinctive combination of needs and supports lends itself to an equally matched level and model of supports and services.  Interaction understands the episodic and unique needs for those with PWS to live an increased independent and meaningful life.  The living environment needs to have quality safeguards in place, whilst also addressing anxieties around food, access and relationships.

Designing our models of support from an international evidence base and clinical input, Interaction’s person-centred, human rights approach ensures quality of life.  By maximising choices and independence with guided support, Interaction can lead individuals with PWS to healthier futures.

The following information explains the different service areas that Interaction can assist with, to ensure an empowered and independent life for a person with PWS.