Shared and Supported Accommodation

Shared and Supported Accommodation offers a continuum of support from young people leaving home for the first time, through to older individuals with PWS who require more support.

Individuals will be able to transition to Empowered Living Apartments (ELA’s) should they wish to (if there is an ELA option within their city location, and if their support needs are compatible with this type of living arrangement).  To live in Interaction’s Shared and Supported accommodation houses (currently only located in Sydney areas), individuals will need to be able to reside with other people, and not pose a significant physical or emotional risk to other residents.  The Shared and Supported Accommodation model is for residents who require supervision and support 24 hours a day.  This would include areas such as:

  • Personal care
  • Meal preparation and portion control
  • Weekly planning
  • Domestic chores
  • Medical appointments
  • Exercise completion
  • Liaising with other providers (eg workplace)
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Problem solving and emotion regulation

Click here to read ‘A day in the life’ of a Shared and Supported Accommodation house.

To submit your interest in any of Interaction’s PWS accommodation facilities, please refer to and complete our PWS Accommodation Expression of Interest Form, alternatively you can email us with your enquiry.