A Day In The Life

Mature Adult: David

David resides in his own granny flat within the premises of one of Interaction’s Shared and Supported Accommodation PWS houses.  Although living independently, David spends a lot of his time with two house mates who reside in the main house.

He will sometimes wake up early and shower before 7am and play his music. Staff come into his flat to assist with his morning routines before breakfast – including any medications, bed making and a general tidy of his flat. David adores his cat, and each morning staff will bring cat food in for David to feed her.

Breakfast is at 7.30am with his house mates, they discuss the day’s activities with each other and the staff.   He then checks his lunch bag to make sure everything is in place and nothing is forgotten. He enjoys his lunches – his favourite is egg, salmon and turkey.  David has a fresh salad also at lunch with fruit, he chooses his fruit the night before.

If time permits, David will sometimes squeeze in a phone call to Mum and Dad just before leaving for work.  He speaks to them every day, as well as other family members he is very close to. Before leaving for work David is encouraged to check his appearance, so he is looking smart and tidy for his day.  He goes to a supported workshop, where he has been working for almost 10 years. He has different packing jobs and enjoys being in the “clean room”, where he has to wear a special cap for hygiene, and has to keep his hands clean due to the nature of the work.  His supervisor keeps up communication with the House Manager from David’s group home.

When David is picked up after work he waits for staff at the same meeting area each day.  He often tells the staff about his work and his friends, and whether his day was good or not so good.  Staff bring his afternoon tea for him and he has it in the car on the way home.

On a Tuesday afternoon after work David goes with his house mate and the staff to the local shopping centre for a chat and a coffee.  Each week between the two of them they choose a different coffee shop and it alternates.  David enjoys this activity – in one particular coffee shop the waitress will have a dance with him and he loves this interaction within the community. They have known David for quite some years now. David is cheerful and polite when he is out in the community.

Exercise is before dinner on the treadmill and the exercise bike. After dinner David plays his PlayStation games, and staff will assist with completing his skin care routine before bed. David is encouraged to sleep at 9.30pm, and he uses a sleep machine at night to ensure he has a good rest for the next day.  Staff need to help David with the chin strap and make sure he is wearing the mask correctly.  Sometimes David will cuddle his cat when he sleeps.