Brand New Purpose-Built Accommodation for People with PWS

July 1, 2020

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a rare and complex genetic condition affecting roughly one in every 15 to 20,000 births globally each year. In 1992, Interaction Disability Services established the first accommodation program in Australia designed to meet the specific needs associated with PWS.

With a long-standing and successful partnership in developing purpose-built assisted living properties and providing support services for residents, AccessAccom and Interaction Disability Services are pleased to reveal plans for PWS-specific robust style housing in Werrington, NSW.

Purpose-built accommodation provides life-changing supports for people living with PWS. AccessAccom and Interaction Disability Services have successfully secured SDA funding for the majority of residents of the new development, further cementing our commitment to providing worthy accommodation and supports to those living with PWS.

The accommodation will consist of two standalone purpose-built homes adjacent to each other, with three tenants residing in each.  They have been designed to the ‘Robust Level’ of the new SDA Design Standard and include higher accessibility space, ensuites for each bedroom and an onsite office for the provision of 24/7 support.  The homes include additional features specific to Interaction’s service model and their client’s needs.  Construction is about to commence and the homes are due for completion at the end of the year.

AccessAccom, established in 2017 is a specialised property provider, acquiring, developing, and modifying homes to create innovative independent living options to enable people with a wide range of ages, abilities and wellness, to live a dignified and self-determining life in a community setting of their choice.

Interaction Disability Services has been supporting and empowering people with disability since 1979. We value diversity and understand that no two people are the same. While we provide expert support for people with intellectual and physical disability, we are proud to be a leading provider of specialist services for people with PWS.

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