Why Choose Interaction?

Interaction is a not for profit, values based organisation committed to empowering people with disability and their families.  We were established in 1979 by a parent group, and continue to grow our diverse range of services across NSW.  Interaction is proud to hold a reputation as a community minded and family driven organisation.

Interaction is fully transitioned to the NDIS.

  • We’re financially prepared for the changes in how we receive funding by building our reserves
  • We have the right systems in place to be flexible and innovative for those seeking quality supports from us
  • We have the right staff that meets and exceeds your expectations

In relation to PWS, Interaction recognises that people with PWS have a unique combination of needs that span across physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological, occupational and functional day to day living domains.  Specific staff at Interaction have been through comprehensive training and have the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to observe and support a unique combination of issues which requires both an individual and systematic view of any situation presenting.

Interaction’s delivers best practice services individually designed for each participant with flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. This tailored customisation ensures a much higher quality service than a “one size fits all” approach. We are creative and able to work with you to develop and deliver innovative services.

“Working with Interaction for the past few years has helped our family a great deal. Interaction was introduced to us by a government agent, and since then we haven’t looked anywhere else. The quality as well as flexibility of service provided has been great, coupled with extremely reasonable costs. Overall it has been a very positive experience.”
– Zita, carer

At Interaction we employ a team of registered and provisional psychologists. Our psychologists can provide a range of individual assessments, training, interventions and therapeutic supports as part of your NDIS plan or through consultancy.