Our accommodation options provide different levels of support to suit your individual needs.

We can help find you a place to live, or match you with housemates in one of our supported accommodations. Our supported accommodation options are tailored to meet your specific needs and comforts. These levels of support are offered through three different accommodation options.

If you’re unsure about which option is best for you, we can help you find the accommodation support that will work best for your needs. Our goal is to make sure you receive the right kind of support, where and when you need it.

PWS-Specific Accommodation

In 1992, Interaction established Australia’s first PWS-specific accommodation model for three adults with PWS.  In 1993, this model was recognised by the International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation as best practice for individuals with PWS. We’ve grown since then, with multiple supported accommodation houses for our participants with PWS.

Our best-practice accommodation supports are provided by highly trained, skilled and experienced Interaction support staff. This can include;

  • Consistent daily and weekly schedules
  • Nutrition and food management support needs and goals
  • Physical exercise
  • Leisure time activities and options
  • Education, work and occupational therapy
  • Accessing day programs
  • Preventing health issues

Shared and Supported Accommodation offers 24/7 support for all ages, from young people leaving home for the first time, through to older participants who require more support.

To find out more about PWS-specific accommodation, call us on 1300 668 123 or email our
accommodation team.

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A Day in the Life

We understand the unique supports required by people with PWS. A typical day in the life of an Interaction participant follows specific routines to best support individual needs.

Staff prepare breakfast at 6am each day, making sure that portion sizes and meal presentation are the same for each participant. Participants eat lunch separately, so the meal can vary depending on individual needs.

Each house follows a set of rules rules which apply equally to all participants, who accept them as fair. These can include locking the kitchen, and the requirement that each participant is positively guided to follow their routine. Routines such as showering, checking skin for infection due to skin picking, receiving a packed lunch and all the other things involved in getting the participants to work on time. One participant may use the shared treadmill in the morning, the others in the afternoon. Everything is done in a set sequence and negotiated in advance with each individual. Each participant helps to decide the order of the routine, but once it is finalised it must be adhered to, unless an unforeseen event forces a change.

Some Interaction participants may work in supported employment. Afternoons are busy and include individual outings for banking, shopping, and craft groups. This is usually linked with exercise and a low fat coffee. The busy routine also reduces spare time that may result in skin picking and thinking about food. In each house there is a routine board with routines listed for each participant.

Weekends are also busy, exercise related outings are encouraged. Outings may include regular trips to the movies, bowling, bush walks and trips to local shops and parks.

We believe that the program works well for the individual residents, and that we have been able to assist them with living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Meet our Accommodation Team

Damien Jones

Senior Manager – Accommodation & Shared Living

Damien manages a number of our high-level support properties and support staff.  Damien is one of quite a few long timers here at Interaction – having been with us for 11 years.

Damien is currently doing his PhD, researching how the NDIS is impacting the professional identity of managers working for NFPs. In his spare time, Damien can be seen driving his 3 teenagers around Sydney to their many social events.


Phil Drury

Senior Manager – Accommodation & Shared Living

Phil began in his career in the Central West in 2008 as a support worker and never looked back. After working in various day programs and respite services in the area before moving to Sydney, he soon found agency work, which ultimately led him to Interaction in 2016.

Starting first as a Social Educator and then moving into the role of Team Leader at one of Interaction’s residential properties, Phil is now a Senior Manager within our Accommodation Team.

He is still as passionate about the industry as he was when he first started. Phil considers his current role as one of support, albeit through a different window where he is able to improve the lives of our participants by working through others.


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