What are Social Scripts

Individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) have very unique needs which can result in the implementation of some sector and internationally endorsed restricted practices required to keep people alive and healthy. Utilising social scripts in areas can aid in ensuring that these restricted practices do not impinge on all aspects of a persons life unnecessarily.

Social scripts are used to explain common social situations, environments and activities in a way suitable to individuals and set clear rules and expectations of particular situations. They are useful educational and preparative tool when discussing new activities, locations and variables that may occur such as food access, loud noises and crowds.

Socials scripts provide words, phrases and/or questions to be said in a specific type of situation and aid in increasing an individuals effective communication with others. They are a useful tool in providing preventative strategies to educate direct care staff, professionals, family and the community.

Our social scripts aim to provide individuals with PWS more choice and control over foreseeing situations in which their innate drives, such as food seeking, may be challenged and assist them to make and process positive choices prior to situational exposure.

We appreciate that everyone is uniquely different, approaches, understanding and specific needs differ greatly. Our social scripts have been developed to provide support and guidance on common social situations and can be downloaded as a word document to be adapted to suit your individual needs.

We look forward to your feedback. If you have utilised any scripts we would love to hear your outcomes as well as any suggestions for other areas you would like to see covered.